Fun Things To Do On A Boat Party

Keen to go on your boating trip but stumped for fun activities to do? Coming up with ideas for boat fun that suits everyone is so hard. Not to worry though, in this article we’ll cover the most fun things to do on a boat party.


As with all activities on the water, don’t forget to wear your life jackets

Water Basketball

It’s basketball but with a fun twist. In water basketball, the basket floats around on the water. It’s easy to inflate the floating basket yourself without a pump. You can also get a mounted basketball hoop with a backboard that attaches to your boat. Split the teams up, pass the ball around, and get it into the hoop! 

Water Volleyball

Be as casual or competitive as you want

Another great recreational activity, water volleyball is like normal volleyball. This water sport uses a floating net that goes across the width of your ‘court’. It’s best if you play this in calm water, but you can get a floating net that has an anchor. In general, teams of up to four people play at a time, but you can also have bigger teams if you have a big space.

Music Party

Hire A DJ

Love your music? Hire a DJ and get you and your guests on the dancefloor where you can request any song you want. Having a boat party with a DJ gives you a great alternative to regular clubbing. This way, only invited guests can attend, with completely tailored music and an even better setting on the water.


Find out who has the best voice on the boat!

Warm up your vocal cords and hit those high notes! Grab the mic and have yourself a sing-off with your guests to all your favourite songs. If you’ve got a Christmas party, why not do some carolling? You can organise it yourself or request the service from a boat hire provider.


Enjoy cooking fresh food in an amazing setting

While you’re out there on the water, why not have a meal to match? Bring a cooler box or two with food and drink and gather around everyone for lots of fun barbequing! Food always tastes better when you make it yourself.

Cooking on a boat does come with a few key things to remember. You’ll need to plan your meal carefully because it will be hard to make a sophisticated dish in a small boat kitchen. Another is catering to your guests’ dietary requirements and allergies. Ask them if they’re ok with having certain food before you set sail on your aquatic journey.

Board Games

It might not be something you think of when you want fun things to do on a boat party, but they should be because they’re great fun! Board games with a magnetic board and pieces would be best for playing on a boat. You want to make sure you don’t have any pieces lost overboard! 


Test your strategic skills with a game of chess with your guests

Who hasn’t heard of chess? Simple to learn yet hard to master, chess is a great game to play on your boating adventure. You can have a great time teaching your boat guests how to play if they didn’t already know.

Normal chess boards are made to be slick to let you have smooth movements of the chess pieces. This will be a problem on a boat that will rock around, even just slightly. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a magnetic chess board with magnetic pieces. People who love DIY can also stick velcro or felt pads on to stop pieces from slipping away.


Classic games are hard to pass up. Scrabble is another one of those easy games to learn, so it’s an easy game to get any younger guests involved in. Like chess, you will want to use a magnetic scrabble set, with magnetic pieces so that nothing falls overboard.

Card Games

Perfect for those looking for an indoor activity out on the water. A set of cards are easy to bring onto any boat big and small, and you get to take turns playing each game.


Have fun making great comebacks with all the special cards you can play in Uno

A legendary and classic game, great for all your friends and family young and old. Most people have already played Uno and are familiar with the rules. It’s still good though to make sure everyone is on the same page with the exact rules you’re playing by. You can even make special rules, for example having a specific phrase you have to say before playing a skip card.


Blackjack is a go-to card game for many people for its simplicity and ease of learning. The goal is to get cards that count up or get as close to 21. Spice it up by having creative forfeits, like having the loser of a round do a silly dance. This will also be a rare chance to have a game of blackjack with the Sydney Harbour surrounding you.

Texas Holdem Poker

When people talk about playing poker, they almost always refer to Texas Holdem. This is by far the most popular type of poker, and it’s great for people who love games with strategy and deception. Poker is perfect for longer day cruises where you have more time to enjoy competitive and intense games.

If you have lots of people on the boat, make the compulsory bets, or ‘blinds’, big so that lots of people can have a turn, or try having teams of two where people are swapped out after each hand. Best of all, playing a poker game can also provide thrilling entertainment for watching guests. You can request a poker table to be provided or bring your own portable table with a poker set.

Fly A Drone

Keep your memory of your trip on video by filming it with a drone

While you’re out there on your boating adventure, take a drone out and capture some epic footage. Film you and your guests competing against each other in the watersports we mentioned before, or of your beautiful surroundings. This’ll make for a great way to save the memories of your trip. Be careful not to let your drone drop into the water if it’s not waterproof.

There’re So Many Fun Things To Do On A Boat Party!

So there you have it, our list of fun things to do on a boat party is sure to get you having a memorable time. These activities are great, no matter if you’re on a boating trip on the family boat or on private charters. Contact Charter Boat Sydney and hire a boat for the cruise of a lifetime with you and the ones you love the most!


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