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Private Large Boat Hire in Sydney

Choose Charter Boat Sydney’s large boat hires for a great way to celebrate any large event. Cruise around the Sydney Harbour while enjoying the company of friends, family and colleagues.

These large boats are perfect for boat tours of more than 100 guests, and you can also do other activities like swimming or scuba diving.

These boats offer an excellent venue for family parties or corporate events. Whether you prefer an open vessel or an enclosed boat, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience of cruising around the iconic Sydney landmarks.

Why Hire This Boat?

Charter Boat Sydney’s elegant Cosmos II is perfect for your special occasions. This beautiful vessel is the perfect way to see the sights around Sydney Harbour while enjoying the time spent with loved ones and officemates.

Sydney has many celebrations and activities all year like beach parties, boat racing and booze parties that you can explore with your loved ones or workmates. Enjoy the boat’s spacious decks while taking in a breathtaking 360-degree view of the harbour.

Here are some events that you can enjoy on a large boat:


Have a great time celebrating your birthday with your loved ones on a cruise.

Enjoy the sights around the Sydney Harbour while doing other activities like swimming, snorkelling, or team activities like games or dance parties. Make the celebration more fun by coming up with fun ideas like costume parties.


Your special day should be memorable, and spending it on a cruise will make it more enjoyable. You’ll get an expert coordinator that will ensure everything goes well, and your guests will have a great time.

During your special day, everything should be perfect from the venue to the menu. Talk to one of our representatives and let us help you plan out the big day.


Enjoy great food in the company of your friends and family while celebrating Christmas.

You can also add fun games and activities like dressing up, swimming, fishing or going around various iconic attractions. Have a great time partying and getting into the holiday spirit, while being mesmerised by the views.

Other activities you can do include movie night, giving of special gifts, holiday-themed trivia contests or Christmas costume contests. These activities will definitely level up your cruise experience.

New Year’s Eve

Spending New Year’s Eve on a cruise is one of the best ways to celebrate with your loved ones. Enjoy the spectacular views and fireworks display while taking in the beautiful sceneries. The eye-catching lights are a great backdrop for taking stunning pictures.

Charter Boat Sydney’s professional crew will ensure that you’ll get high-quality services and one-of-a-kind stay on the vessels.

Hen’s Cruise

Check out Sydney’s iconic attractions with your closest friends while celebrating your hen’s party. Add other fun activities like kayaking, swimming or snorkelling to level up the experience. You can also opt to enjoy the day with great food and drinks, and some entertainment like team games.

You can do various activities, take a look at the boat’s amenities, and just relax while enjoying each other’s company before the bride’s big day.

Buck’s Party

Make the most out of your buck’s party with friends by enjoying various activities like swimming, scuba diving or visiting nearby attractions.

You can also choose from boat activities like lingerie waitresses or choreographed dance shows. Enjoy great food and drinks while dancing and partying with your friends all night.

Enjoy the night cruising around the Sydney Harbour, while enjoying the company of your friends before your special day.


How many guests can a large boat accommodate?

Depending on the vessel type, large boats can accommodate maximum passengers of about 70 up to 900.

Our Cosmos II large vessel can take on more than 100 passengers. She is a 3-tiered boat that has recently been refurbished. Inquire about this elegant floating playground for your large gatherings today.

Can a wedding ceremony be held on board?

Yes, you can save more and have a magnificent backdrop if you opt to have your wedding on board one of our vessels.

Is there a first aid kit available on board?

Yes. In case of emergency, we make sure the vessels are equipped with first aid kits. The captain and the crew are also certified to do first aid procedures, and we follow the AMSA’s (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) safety regulations.

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