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Small Boats for Hire in Sydney

About Our Small Boat Hire

All aboard the Freedom!

The Freedom lives up to her name and makes you feel free as can be to enjoy life as you cruise through Sydney Harbour. She’s a 77-foot Warren sports yacht with an open rear deck and 2 lounging areas.

She’s a beautiful luxury yacht, perfect for special occasions and able to accommodate up to 65 guests.


The Freedom is packed with amenities.

Aboard the Freedom, you’ll have everything you need for superior comfort and entertainment. You’ll have air conditioning, sound systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and a TV and DVD system.

If you’re not availing of our catering services, you won’t have to worry about preparing food beforehand as you’ll have access to a fridge and esky, crockery, cutlery, as well as cooking and BBQ facilities.

As you might have guessed from the fact that you have food preparation facilities, you’re allowed to bring your own food and drinks, alcohol included.


Renting this small boat will cost you $990 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours and a total of $2970. However, this is not inclusive of the other fees.

The wait staff costs $260 for 3-hour charters and $300 for 4-hour charters. In either case, each additional hour costs another 65$. There are also pick-up and drop-off wharf fees which usually totals around $100.

Another factor to consider with the pricing is the number of people availing of the amenities. The cups, condiments, microwave, fridges, crockery, cutlery, wash up, and ice costs $15 per person.

Regardless of how long you choose to charter the Freedom for and what additional amenities and services you avail of, we guarantee that you’ll get what you pay for. We’ll work to give you everything you need for a great cruising experience.


As part of our chartering services, we also offer catering. With the Freedom, we offer our Light Canapé Menu and our Gold BBQ Menu.

Our Light Canapé Menu allows each person to pick up to 6 items and includes a large selection including meatballs, skewers, spring rolls, sandwiches, dim sum, burgers, seasonal fruits, and more.

Our BBQ Menu includes platters of sliced meats and ham, breads, crackers, and dips. The main course consists of grilled beef, honey-flavoured pork sausages, marinated chicken thighs, and Thai beef skewers. A fresh garden salad and seasonal fruits round your meal out.

You also have the option of ordering both, using the Light Canapé Menu to complement your BBQ.

Places to Visit

You can ask your skipper to sail you past attractions and must-visit spots like the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Balmoral Beach, and Sirius Cove. They’ll be happy to oblige.

As you go from place to place, you’ll have several options for entertainment. Your small boat charter’s amenities allow you to prepare food, eat, drink, watch movies, and play music as you cruise.

Why Choose Charter Boat Sydney

With our small boat charter, you’ll cruise Sydney Harbour in high-quality comfort and with various options for entertainment. We offer everything you need for a pleasurable experience and make sure you see the best the harbour has to offer.

If you’re in need of a boat that can accommodate more people or just want to browse through more options, have a look at our medium-sized boats and our large-sized boats.


Is there anything I should avoid wearing?

It isn’t prohibited, but avoid wearing high heels. This is particularly important for larger vessels. And stilettos are banned altogether as they pose too much of a safety risk to those wearing them aboard boats. Small heels are alright, though.

Will my child be safe?

Your child will be perfectly safe. Just make sure to attend to them and show them where the safety equipment is and how to use them. Wait staff will also help make sure they are safe.

Are we allowed to inspect the boat?

We would be happy to show you the Freedom as well as any of our other boats.

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